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Our Staff

From Left to Right: Sandy Biondo, Barbara Keeler, Christopher McHugh, Jennifer Madrid, Raymond Smith, Brenda Pack, and Sharon Wittmayer

Sandy Biondo

Sandy, a San Diego native, had her first job in lending with First Western Bank, which was in our current building. After that she and Ray moved to Pacific Commerce Bank, and that is when they decided to become partners. So they came back to Pacific Beach and opened Consolidated Lender's Group, Inc in 1994. Then, three years ago, they expanded the business in incorporate real estate sales, opening the division of Three Coins Realty. Where they remain today because of your loyalty and support.

Ray Smith

Ray, born and raised in Jersey, started selling real estate on the Jersey shore. In the 80s, he moved to California and picked up appraising residential and commercial properties. Then focused 100% on real estate financing and has been doing it ever since.

Sharon Wittmayer

Hello! My name is Sharon Wittmayer and I have been in this wonderful world of Real Estate for 5 years. I began my career as a front office manager in a growing office when the real estate market was booming!!!! This was an ideal learning opportunity because I was able to learn this business inside and out BEFORE I began to sell Real Estate myself. Three years ago, I knew the time was right for me to begin and I have enjoyed much success in both Real Estate and Loans. You, my clients, are my number one priority. There is nothing I love more than to hand a new set of key to a client and watch them open the door to their dreams! (Okay, maybe refinancing someone at a great low rate….which puts a nice smile on their faces as well!) I love what I do and can't wait to meet with you. Isn't it time for you to begin your dreams?! Let's talk! Consultations are always free!